One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose purpose is to provide educational opportunities to the world’s poorest children by giving each and every one a connected, rugged, low-cost laptop. This video tells the story of hope using the alphabet and a simplistic animation style. Real photography was married with childlike drawings bringing to life an otherwise desolate landscape. The story unfolds in seamless transitions to show the interconnection between opportunity, education and change. This isn’t just about giving a child a laptop, but giving them access to the world, and ultimately, the chance at a brighter future.

Advertised brand: OLPC Advert title: XO Is For Hope Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): TAXI, Toronto, Canada Agency website: Chief Creative Officer: Paul Lavoie Art Director: Troy McGuinness Copywriter: Jordan Doucette Music House: Pirate Toronto Photographer: Chris Gordaneer/West Side Studios Animation: The Ebeling Group/XYZ Studios Published/Released/Aired (Month, Year): Viral video posted September 2009
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