This vignette spot shows women around the world being told no at every turn. It ends with the thought that none of us are equal until all of us our equal. And while it is a powerful thought, some of the vignettes highlight something else other than poverty and in some cases veer into the unbelievable. While it is easy to believe women in South Sudan are being held as sex slaves, because we know it to be a fact a woman sitting at a conference table in Japan being told no is hardly a reflection of "poverty," nor is a German mother telling her daughter to wear a pink shirt. And the one scene in which a young kid is forcing himself upon who I assume is his girlfriend-- even that isn't poverty so much as rape. It's hard to make an overarching blanket statement about the entire world's approach to equality of the sexes because it necessitates the removal of any sort of nuance that is usually part of the culture. And if you are going to strip away all nuance then the ad had better work, and this ad only half works. Perhaps if they'd brainstormed some better vignettes it would been stronger

Client: ONE campaign Creative director: Meagan Bond CMO: Roxane Philson Agency: Don’t Panic MD: Joe Wade Account director/producer: Helen Jackson Creative: Saxony Goodwin George McCallum Sophie Rogers Christopher Ross-­Kellam Project assist: Robyn Kasozi Media Strategy: Ellie Moore Production house: STINK Films Director: Chiara Grabmayr Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings Production manager: Georgia Eyres Head of production: Andrew Levene DOP: Doro Goetz