This spot was made for the Quebecois/French speaking population of Canada.


TITLE: How do we stop climate change?

Girl: So this is a polar bear that lives in the North and because of climate change, he now lives in an animal dome. That's a place where we put animals who are in danger.

TITLE: Let's not leave this problem to our children.
TITLE: Our Today. There Tomorrow.

Agency: GREY Canada Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons Creative Director: Joel Arbez Art Director: Oliver Brooks Writer: Mike Richardson Account Service: Paul Curtin, Kelly Ko, Lindsay Proudfoot Producers: Sam Benson, Dena Thompson Print Producer: Elizabeth Macaulay Digital Producer: Jaan Yew Woon Production Company: Spy Films Director: Tamir Moscovici Editorial: Saints Editorial Editor - Let Them Figure it Out - Danica Pardo Editor - Kids Talk Climate Change - Melanie Hider Post Production: Alter Ego Audio: Eggplant

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