If the launch spot starring David Suzuki was a lecture at adults and children that left the viewer wanting a better call to action, this follow up features kids presenting their ideas to camera, after writing notes to let Canadian adults know they need to do something about this ever-growing problem like, right now. Make no mistake these kids are mad as hell and they are not going to take it any more. The take away from this spot is more along the lines of "Let's not let our kids be the ones who have to figure it out," but again I suspect some of their more imaginative ideas could be brought back down to earth so to speak. It couldn't be any worse than a bloated Al Gore, could it?

Agency: GREY Canada Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons Creative Director: Joel Arbez Art Director: Oliver Brooks Writer: Mike Richardson Account Service: Paul Curtin, Kelly Ko, Lindsay Proudfoot Producers: Sam Benson, Dena Thompson Print Producer: Elizabeth Macaulay Digital Producer: Jaan Yew Woon Production Company: Spy Films Director: Tamir Moscovici Editorial: Saints Editorial Editor - Let Them Figure it Out - Danica Pardo Editor - Kids Talk Climate Change - Melanie Hider Post Production: Alter Ego Audio: Eggplant

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