Opel ADAM has features and comes in many colors. Many colors. Wait, let me repeat that, many colors. 60.000 exterior and 80.000 interior combinations. Yep. So how do you announce this to a dark wintery Denmark? What Unclegrey did was get an Opel Adam (bright white) and parked it on the high-street, then with the help of KubKub's crazy VJ Thomas Romlöv and Kay&Ndustry DJ Ole Brodersen they made the car change colors like a rock-star all night as stunned bar-hoppers and shoppers passed by. Looks pretty neat, doesn't it? Just add dubstep!

To ensure that the mesmerized onlookers knew what they were seeing, flyers were given out to interested parties at both ends of the street. It announced the new car and directed people to design their own on the Opel Website.

Advertising Agency: UncleGrey, Copenhagen, Denmark Art Director: Jon Goldtsche Copywriter: Jesper Jørgen Hansen Chief Of Operations: Carsten Bülow Account Manager: Ingeborg Balle-Petersen Creative Technologist: Karsten Kirkegaard VJ: Thomas Romlöv Director: Emil Kahr Producer: Niels Kau Photographer: Simon Mouridsen Music: Ole Brodersen -- Kay&Ndustry

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    Wow that is so amazing.

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