A young lady is on her way ion to the OB/GYN for her checkup. The paranoia begins with the opening shot, as it's seen through several CCTVs. All the awkward is added by a backward gown, those stirrups, and then suddenly....

Oh yeah, there's a creepy Uncle Sam masked guy all up in her business, quite literally.

To make matters worse, he snaps the speculum. We all hate the speculum. (Ladies, do your pap smear anyway.)

This message and creepiness, obviously implying that Obamacare is going to be all up in your business, is brought to you by Generation Opportunity.

“What we’re trying to communicate is, 'No, you’re actually not required to buy health insurance,'” Generation Opportunity President Evan Feinberg told Yahoo News in an interview about the campaign. “You might have to pay a fine, but that’s going to be cheaper for you and better for you.”

What they're successfully communicating is; Obamacare be all up in your business. Oh, and uncle sam is creepy. Real creepy.

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