A young man goes for his checkup, and just like the Opt Out ladies version at the OB/GYN, this opens with the CCTV shot implying that you are being spied on. (You are, by the way.)

Doctor fills in his charts and forms, and soon coaxes the young man to get naked and pull his knees up to his chest, which is advanced prostate exams most uncomfortable checkup, I'm sure. With this the ad is implying that Obamacare be all up in the young mans business. Yahoo writes that Generation Opportunity has as a goal to make young people opt out of Obamacare. There's nothing that says you have to buy it, there's a small fine if you don't. They're all over college campuses with the message, so parents, if your young adult kids phone home to ask about this, be prepared.

Here's a craigslist ad seeking actors to play creepy Uncle sam, you get $275 for 2 days.

Opt Out - The Glove - Creepy Uncle Sam
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