"The mix of models and computer graphic characters gives a special charm to our films," explains WIZZ director Geoffroy de Crecy. "These spots are a mix of real and virtual which creates a look of natural imagery, not synthetic as CGI can sometimes be. We also loved that these spots are comedic — all the design and visual style are not the important thing; what is important is that the viewer is captivated and entertained by the story."

"WIZZ is all about collaboration and creating original pieces of work, so this was the perfect project for us to work on,” adds Wizz Producer Amanda Stubbs. “Being able to combine our studio resources with in-house post production facilities let us create something really special."

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Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers Art Director : The Brooklyn Brothers Writer: The Brooklyn Brothers Creative Director: The Brooklyn Brothers Producer - The Brooklyn Brothers Production Company: Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales Producer: Alexander Unick Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert Associate Producer: Sophie Gate Animation Studio: Wizz Director: Geoffroy De Crecy Producer: Amanda Stubbs Music: Bullet Producers: Patrick Oliver & David Horowitz Audio: AudioEngine Sound effects & mixing: Carl Mandelbaum Voice of Ben: Beau Mallard Voice of HotSpot the dog: Tim Martin Voice of Lexi: Talia Gonzalez

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