Orangina - Naturally Juicy (2007) 1:45 (France)

Furries must love this, stripping animals with references to flashdance.

Agency: FFL PARIS Director: Psyop / Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick Post Production: The Mill Credits: Client: Orangina Title: "Naturally Juicy" Agency: FFL PARIS Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid Creatives: Creatives: Michael Zonnenberg, Joseph Dubruque, Nicolas Lautier, Baptiste Clinet Advertiser’s Supervisors: Hugues Pietrini, Marie-Laure Trichard Producer: Robin Accard Production Company: Stink / Psyop Director: Psyop / Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick Executive Producers: Daniel Bergman, Sylvaine Mell Producers: Richard Fenton, Mariya Shikher Animation Director: Nicholas Weigel Additional Design: David Chontos Editing Company: Trim Editing Editor: Paul Hardcastle Post Production: The Mill Producer: Stephen Venning Telecine: Jamie Wilkinson 3D Producer: Pip Malone 3D & Animation Lead: Juan Brockhaus 3D TD: James Rogers Fur TD: Rick Thiele Environment Lead: Jimmy Kiddell Motion Capture TD: Thomas Champon 3D: Grant Walker, Sam Driscoll, Laurent Makokski, Alex Hammond, Ed Boldero, James Spillman, Janak Thakker, Jesus Parra, Douglas Laissance, Marco Kowalik, Can Y. Sanalan, Max Dennison, Noel Hocquet, Justin Summers, Raul Monerris, Aidan Gibbons, Luke Tickner, Sergio Xisto, Richard Costin, Carlos Calle Ramos, Simon Clarke 2D Lead: Darren Christie 2D: Peter Hodsman, Grainne Freeman, Michael Harrison, Mark Payne, Garrett Honn 3D Editorial: Daniel Budin Motion Capture: Cinedroid Music: I Like it Like That, EMI Music Publishing Sound Production: Amber Music Composer/Arrangers: Colin Smith and Simon Elms Executive Producer: Michelle Curran Sound Designer: Bill Chesley
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crazy stuff. See the print that goes along with it.

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okay so sex sells, but um, bestiality? thats just freaking creepy.

and is it just me or is that a loooooooong way to go for an orangina?

but i do have to say, nice touch with the latin music halfway through. otherwise i wouldn't know it was supposed to be sexy. but adding a stereotype like that really helps me get it.

two hooves up!

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Watching that had me thinking my medication had worn off.

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I had no idea that the furries market was large enough to warrant their own campaign.

But perhaps we are all closet furries. I loved this.

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Hmmm...I see the symbolism of the zebras straddling the ejaculating bottle necks, but what does drenching the deer in yellow liquid mean? 

Io sono un clown e faccio collezione di attimi - H.Böll

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Possibly a trend.

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Yup, I think they were so impressed with the way Anthrocon has matured that they decided to use that market.

I say find a local convention and go there. The biggest ones are: Anthrocon, Further Confusions, and Midwest FurFest.

Go to http://www.wikifur.com/ , and you can find a convention ( http://furry.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_furry_convention_resources ) and go there! All artists have their own flavors and limitations.

You can get a great sampling of art and animations, all free, from the kid-safe /c/lean to the extremely naughty at Fchan: http://www.fchan.us

I'm such a fan that I've developed my own "fursona." Try it yourself, it's fun!

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Too funny. Peacocks with boobs! F&F, you so crazy.