Orcon - Iggy Pop Live 1 & 2 - (2009) :15 (New Zealand)


Orcon - Iggy Pop Live 1 & 2 - (2009) :15 (New Zealand)

Iggy Pop is looking for 8 musicians to recreate The passenger with him, as the other guys all overdosed- No, I'm kidding, it's just to show off Orcon's super fast broadband which makes it possible for eight people to recreate the passenger live with rock god Iggy over the net.

Client : Orcon
Agency : Special, Auckland
Production Company: Curious Film
Director : Darryl Ward

Tony Bradbourne (Creative Director/ art director)
Rob Jack (Creative Director/ writer)
Heath Lowe (Creative Director/ art director)
Sascha Mortimer (Agency Producer)
Matt Noonan (Producer)


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