Oreo daily twist - Oreo social media campaign case study - (2013)

Already a favorite for Cannes awards, the Oreo Daily twist campaign will be much copied in social media from now on. Setting out to prove that a 100-year old cookie is as relevant as it ever was Oreo left the argument about 'which is better the cookie or the stuffing' behind, and went straight for the twist.
Every day, they took a Oreo twist to what was happening in the world, in pop culture, in sports, in music, in media. Some were simple social media 'posters' if you will, starring the oreo-cooking with rainbow stuffing. Others were interactive banners, like when they celebrated 40 years of Pong. It's a modern take on the old topical press campaign, at internet-speeds. Once a day, a new twist. Bite-sized witty images easily shared over twitter, facebook and pinterest.

And they will be showered in lions for it. Or I'll get a hat, just to fill it with Oreos, and eat it. Because nom.

X% more shares! X% more fans! X% more ... sales? We'll find out next year, I hope, when they've churned the numbers and enter this into the effectiveness awards in Cannes.

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