Oreo and The Martin Agency channels its inner Coke for a happiness-inspired animated spot. But instead of buying the world a sugar-laden beverage though, it's giving fairy tale enemies and vampires and sharks a sugar-laden cookie, all set to some saccharine music by Adam Young, aka Owl City.

"Wonder if I gave an Oreo to you." Well, I can answer what would happen if you're curious. I'm 100% certain I would need a toothbrush. Followed by a strict monitoring of my insulin levels. And then I'd mention the fact Coke already tackled the "what if we bought the opposite of ourselves a Coke" idea seven years ago.

Meh whatever. It's still quite beautiful animation despite the sugariness, either way. It's a catchy earworm of a song, too.

I expect this sugary syrup to blow up in the next couple days because Oreo can do no wrong. For now though, (Sunday Night PST) all I can find online are the usual planted Oreo mentions along with Adam Young on tumblr. And you know they're plants because the ad didn't air until tonight during Mad Men and yet there are people positing their love for the spot as early as a couple days ago. With all the requisite hashtags, of course. Because people always post brands as hashtags unprompted.

Consider, for instance, the post from yesterday asking you to watch the video on Youtube. And yet, according to the date on Youtube, it was posted today. Hmm...

C'mon, guys. Shouldn't you be planting the accolades in a less obvious way? It's only a matter of time while we go through all the tumblr tags before we find patient zero. Let's hope it doesn't lead back to Richmond, because that wouldn't be wonderfilled, now would it.

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Client: Oreo Agency: The Martin Agency Music: Adam Young CCO: Joe Alexander GCD: Jorge Calleja CD: David Muhlenfeld CD: Magnus Hierta Senior Art Director: Brig White ACD/Design: Chris Peel Designer: Angie Elko Designer: Sarah Berkheimer Illustrator: Martin Allais Senior Print Producer: Paul Martin Studio Artist: Whitney McCall Color Correction: Alice Blue Animation crew: Production Company: Studio Animal Director: Martin Allais Producer: Maria Soler Chopo Illustration: Martin Allais Storyboards: Martin Allais Animatic: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Matt Deans Animator: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Pablo Navarro, Dani Alcaraz Tracing and color: Ezequiel Cruz, Macarena Ortega, Eva Puyuelo, Joel Morales Compositing: Santi Justribó and Martin Allais