Innocean creates a pro bono campaign for Organic Doggie Treats featuring a dog spouting Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey" style philosophies. Mostly about coconuts. And trees. Nothing about dog treats, though.

Client: Organic Doggie Treats, Inc. Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide Americas, Huntington Beach CA CCO: Eric Springer CD: Kiran Koshy Writers: Jason Arentsen, Jeff Barry, Kate Steinberg Director: Kiran DPs: Arnie Presiado, Kiran Editors: Anthony Vamvakitis, Jeff Johnston, Julie Ellison Voices: Brandon Boerner, Jack Westerholt, Mallorie Rodak, Stuart Hill Mix: Beacon Street Studios - Andrew Feltenstein, Aaron Cornacchio, Kate Vadnais Finish: Andy Bate / Charles Gerstner, Mike Jensen

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