it's never too late to learn to be a Youtube Star. or about retirement. In this content, we watch as Andrew and his new pal Livingstone make Jerk Chicken and music together. Andrew takes the sounds of the cooking and makes a song out of it. That's Andrew's thing on Youtube. He makes songs out of sounds. Kinda like Nike did in 2005, and 2001, too. You know?

Livingstone lets Andrew know that now that he's retired he has plenty of time to hang with his wife. And he could do that because he planned ahead and made sure there was enough money to do so. Meanwhile, Andrew learns he's gonna have to actually save money because being Internet Famous doesn't pay offfor the majority of people.

At the end, Livingstone gets to hear Andrew's musical creation. It's fun to see how much chemistry they have. Not sure if Livingstone has kids but it feels like there's a "son I never had" quality to this.

Great campaign.

Client: Government of Ontario Product: ORPP Agency: Bensimon Byrne Agency Producer: Meghan Cheesbrough Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici / Dan Strasser Associate Creative Director: Lorne Covant Art Director: Debbie Chan Writer: Matt Doran Group Account Director: Jill Engelman Business Lead: Charlotte Osbourne Project Manager: Ashley Belfast Production House: Untitled Films Executive Producer: Peter Davis Director: Andrew Norton Director of Photography: Jesse Louttit Line Producer: Tony Phibbs Post Production Offline: School Editing Producer: Emily Torontow Editor: Matthew Kett Post Production Online: Smith Producer: Patty Bradley Editor: Justin Lee Transfer: Smith Colourist: Andrew Ross Audio House: Pirate Producer: Maggie Blouin-Pearl Director: Vanya Drakul Engineer: Jared Kuemper

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