Wide-eyed millennial named Brent, an Indie88 DJ, learns about the real world with from a retiree named Kathy. He teaches Kathy how to be a DJ. She teaches him he should have started saving for retirement a long time ago. Kathy teaches Brent how to do the Charleston. Brent teaches Kathy all about selfies. Kathy teaches Brent about the value of hard work and delayed gratification. Brent daydreams about retirement and like the idea of "like, not having to be somewhere. I can sleep in for as long as I humanly want..I can just watch show after show after show." Kathy then gets to here what passes for a radio promo for a classical music program that Brent has created. Brent likes to give high fives. Kathy learns there's no hope for the future generation of Canadians.
I love this. The premise is great-- it's never too early to think about retirement. Especially with these children.
And Kathy is a peach. I want to hang out with her. If I can't hang out with her, I want to write her snail mail or have Sunday evening phone chats.

Client: Government of Ontario Product: ORPP Agency: Bensimon Byrne Agency Producer: Meghan Cheesbrough Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici / Dan Strasser Associate Creative Director: Lorne Covant Art Director: Debbie Chan Writer: Matt Doran Group Account Director: Jill Engelman Business Lead: Charlotte Osbourne Project Manager: Ashley Belfast Production House: Untitled Films Executive Producer: Peter Davis Director: Andrew Norton Director of Photography: Jesse Louttit Line Producer: Tony Phibbs Post Production Offline: School Editing Producer: Emily Torontow Editor: Matthew Kett Post Production Online: Smith Producer: Patty Bradley Editor: Justin Lee Transfer: Smith Colourist: Andrew Ross Audio House: Pirate Producer: Maggie Blouin-Pearl Director: Vanya Drakul Engineer: Jared Kuemper

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    Kathy should start Classical with Kathy and have it sponsored by ORPP all the way through. Play 'classical pop', like Vivaldi and Mozart which is loved by pretty much everyone. Only break between songs to have Kathy chat about savings. Because yes, she is a peach.

    May 11, 2016

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