Maureen is a retiree whose going to teach Youtube star Typical Gamer about retirement, while Typical Gamer is going to teach her how to play Far Cry Primal. They would have played Destiny but let's face it, the old gal's worked hard enough throughout her life to have to start grinding away all over again for little reward. HEYOOOOOO.
I love the simplicity of this concept and the chemistry that is between these two. Maureen doesn't patronize Typical Gamer when he's all "to be honest, retirement has never crossed my mind." Maureen helpfully explains she was in the same boat. No one thinks about retirement when they're young. Why would they? But then one day you wake up and it's there. There's very few jobs with pensions any more. And people are too busy living beyond their means to delay gratification by saving.
Typical Gamer's says his vision of retiring is being able to hang out and do what you love but he quickly senses that's not really the case. Maureen basically is like "Yeah-- you can do whatever the hell you want--IF you saved up." She feels a lot of empathy for the generation coming up because it will be harder. Things are more expensive, our lifespan is longer, and maybe it isn't a great idea to cash in the 401K you put ten grand into just to live in Vietnam for a year and make Vines about it.
The pairing here is fantastic. Quite authentic, and respectful. Typical Gamer seems like a nice bloke, too. Hopefully some of this stuff sinks in. As Maureen says "Now I've got you thinkin'."
Regardless I love the fact this campaign is using so-called influencers for something more than just selling material goods to millennials. This shit's important, yo.

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