Tool of North America Director Harry Cocciolo just completed work on a hilariously irreverent spot promoting Oxfam America via 15 Ideas Chicago.

The :30 features a prim woman, who begins the spot seated on a beautiful living room sofa with her daughter, expressing her earnest shock upon having discovered that she could fight hunger and poverty simply by "giving a $%@#." She ventures out into the community, encouraging dignified and shocked passersby to join her in giving a $%@# as she picks up her dry cleaning, pushes a child on a swing, and rides through a residential neighborhood in an ice cream truck.

The synthesis of the imagery of everyday chores with the brazen and incongruous narrative results in an unforgettable, attention-grabbing message that concludes with an appeal to visit and buy gifts that contribute to Oxfam America's efforts to fight poverty.

Client: Oxfam Spots Title: Give A $%@# Air Date: November 2009 Agency: 15 Ideas, Chicago Copywriter: Kevin Lynch Art Director: Diana Morison Producer: Liz Zorek Prod Company: Tool of North America Director: Harry Cocciolo DP: Tami Reiker EP(s): Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel, Dustin Callif Line Producer: Lauren Bayer Production Design: Joaquin Grey Editorial: The Whitehouse, LA Editor: Kevin Zimmerman Producer: Justin Kumpata Shoot Location: Los Angeles, CA

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