Pandora uses an algorithm to make music suggestions based on your listening history that surprise and delight you with their accuracy. To get this notion across, they staged a FaceTime hangout with Lindsay Sterling and some very surprised fans. And because music listening is so personal, Pandora also gave these same fans the chance to personalize the experience by holding up objects or even waving their hands. Lindsey’s fans had control over lighting, color, how lights moved and even triggering a confetti cannon.

Fun idea. I will never buy the idea that an algorithm will ever replace a friend's recommendation

Client: Pandora Agency: twofifteenmccann Chief Creative Officer: James Robinson ACD/Copywriter: Quentin Schuldiner Copywriter: Kyle Davis Senior Art Director: Alper Kologlu Senior Producer: Vera Kacurova Director of Integrated Production: Alex Spahr Management Supervisor: Hannah Schaefer Account Executive: Anne Cathcart Managing Director: Kelly Johnson Production Company: Skunk Director: Greg Brunkalla Managing Partner: Matt Factor Executive Producer: Shelly Townshend Head of Production: Jeanne Stawiarski Line Producer: Chris Cho Director of Photography: Jason McCormick Production Designer: Kason Kisvarday Editorial Company: Beast Editor: Doug Walker Assistant Editor: Nicole Salmeri Executive Producer: Jon Ettinger Mixing Studio One Union Recording Mixer: Joaby Deal