Paris wants to share a lot. Like a lot in this spot for Paris2024 as it competes against Budapest and Los Angeles to see who will be the host city of the Olympics. Sharing the best they have to offer including the city, goodwill, cultural diversity, tech, their culture, and all kinds of other stuff in this laundry list manifesto that, like all manifestoes, tries to say everything and more. It's a bit overwhelming at times, but it kind of needs to be. The stakes are quite high for 2024. The host of the Summer Olympic Games will be announced at the 130th International Olympic Committee Session in Lima, Peru, on September 13th.
By the way I live in L.A, and all I can say to Paris is Je suis désolé. We're going to get it. : )
The music track is " I Love You," by French artist Woodkid.

Agency: BETC Paris
Executive Creative Director: Remi Babinet
Creative Director: Jerome Galinha
Art Director: Ludovic Labayrade
Copywriter: Antoine Lenoble
Production Company: RITA Films

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