The Partnership at - Bed - (2011)


The Partnership at - Bed - (2011)

"Under the Bed" features a mother who, while vacuuming, finds an enormous blunt beneath her daughter's bed. As she holds the yard-wide heater up in bewilderment, a voiceover reminds the viewer that "Even a little pot can become a big problem."

Client: The Partnership at
Spot Titles: Typical Conversation, Save, Under the Bed
Release Date:

Agency: Publicis
CCO: Rob Feakins
ECD: Simeon Roane
CD: James Rothwell (Under the Bed)
ACD(s): Larissa Kirschner (Under the Bed, Typical Conversation), Jason Gorman (Save, Typical Conversation), Jeremy Filgate (Save, Typical Conversation)
Account Supervisor: Sara Tavrow
Senior Producer: Lauren Schneidmuller

Prod Co.: Tool of North America
Director: Sean Ehringer
DP: Marten Tedin
EP: Brian Latt
EP Digital: Dustin Callif
Producer: Jeff Tanner
Prod. Sup.: Kevin Clark
Prod. Designer: Janet Nelson

Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler
Editor: Dave Koza
Producer: Melisa Mille


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