The Partnership at - Kitchen - 2011: USA


The Partnership at - Kitchen - 2011: USA

When a teenager starts taking drugs, their personality, mood and appearance may change; parents may notice a lack of interest in their favorite activities, defensiveness, dishonesty or lack of respect for family rules. The “Strangers” campaign illustrates how drastic these changes can be by replacing teens with unsettling strangers in the intimate setting of their home.



I quite liked the two TV ads I've seen showing how some teens taking certain kinds of drugs can become strangers to their families (through the changes in their habits, friends, speech patterns, and school grades and attendance.) 30 years or so ago my mom didn't know what to look out for, and although I did, I was long gone, having joined the U.S. Navy right after High School (1974). So my brother put my parents through hell until he graduated and eventually Mom threw him out of the house. There was a happy ending, though. My brother hit bottom in the late 80's and joined Narcotics Anonymous, and remains straight and reasonably happy today.

The TV ad with the stranger/daughter in it? She looks familiar to me. I assume she is an actor. Does anyone know what her name is?