"Save" focuses on two parents who, upon returning from the grocery store, find their son sitting in a catatonic stupor before the TV. When he doesn't respond to their greetings, the parents freak (even though he is clearly lucid and munching a bag of chips), and apply every wrong-headed home remedy and rash medical response that occurs to them, from dialing 911 to checking his vital signs to threatening to give mouth-to-mouth to initiating the Heimlich maneuver. "You know lots of ways to help your kids, but do you know what to do if they're using drugs?" a narrator asks.

Client: The Partnership at Drugfree.org Spot Titles: Typical Conversation, Save, Under the Bed Release Date: Agency: Publicis CCO: Rob Feakins ECD: Simeon Roane CD: James Rothwell (Under the Bed) ACD(s): Larissa Kirschner (Under the Bed, Typical Conversation), Jason Gorman (Save, Typical Conversation), Jeremy Filgate (Save, Typical Conversation) Account Supervisor: Sara Tavrow Senior Producer: Lauren Schneidmuller Prod Co.: Tool of North America Director: Sean Ehringer DP: Marten Tedin EP: Brian Latt EP Digital: Dustin Callif Producer: Jeff Tanner Prod. Sup.: Kevin Clark Prod. Designer: Janet Nelson Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Editor: Dave Koza Producer: Melisa Miller Read more: http://www.trustcollective.com/portfolio/content/tool_drugfree.php#ixzz1JRDfIdNj

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