Paul Spadafora is from Pittsburgh. He is a troubled soul with more than his fair share of hard times. He lost his father, was shot in the leg by a police officer as a teen, has served jail time and has had multiple arrests.

On the other hand, Paul Spadafora is also a hell of a gifted and talented boxer. His record is 48-0-1, with 19 knockouts and remains undefeated. At 37, Spadafora despite everything else,The Pittsburgh Kid has amazingly returned to top ten status and is still kicking ass.

With this dichotomy he has a compelling story to tell. This Docuseries "Paul Spadafora: The Pittsburgh Kid" was shot by Cwenar Photography with music composed by Big Science.

I believe it's part of a branded content series made for a kind of Groupon, but strictly for Men dealssite called Machovy.

Not sure if there is a larger part or if this is just one episode, but I'd love to see more. It's touching, raw, gripping and dark in all the good ways, that's for sure.

Title: Paul Spadafora "The Pittsburgh Kid" Tom Cwenar / Cwenar Photography: Director Cory Morten / Cwenar Photography: DP Jay Green / Big Science: Composer
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