Paypal is in the super bowl for the very first time, and they're very proud of their generic anthem spot with bright yellow Dharma Gothic expanded bold italic anthem phrases overlapping images of progress, old money and new money. Paypal's global brand marketing Greg Fisher explains their thinking:
"This ad is more than a commercial - it’s our opportunity to introduce the world to PayPal’s vision for the future of money - to empower people and businesses to move and manage money securely, efficiently and affordably. The launch of this ad is just the beginning of our new brand campaign designed to start a larger conversation about a reimagined financial world that must include everyone."
Got it? Everyone use Paypal! But be aware, they're not all smooth sailing. Beware of arty perfume ads, or moving to another country, raising money for the Red Cross or any other seemingly innocuous activity. For example, Paypal can freeze your assets without warning, like they did to us in January of 2004 due to this perfume ads image, preventing people from signing up here to watch the super bowl ads that year. Yes, I have a long memory, Paypal. Congratulations for finally making a super bowl commercial.

Client: Paypal