Pedigree - Crazy Pets - (2009) :30 (USA)


Pedigree - Crazy Pets - (2009) :30 (USA)

TBWA/Chiat/Day show us that not all pets are created equal for Pedigree. My fave - that waterbuffalo. Some may call it a bold move to run your debut super bowl ad without a single dog in it, but this is rather to the (selling) point. You can also see behind-the-scenes videos at

Creative Directors Margaret Keene and Chris Adams
Principal talent(s): a rhinoceros, an ostrich, a hog and a water buffalo, and no dogs.



Here's an eerily similar award-winning ad campaign from 1995.

So far the only spot that made me react (by laughing).

(Could someone make those youtube videos a little smaller? Moom!?)

I wouldn't say eerily similar to that campaign, but it is the same idea just with a more expensive execution.

Made videos smaller - now he could even fit another in there. Eat your vegetables.

Mom? I can't see any of the youtube videos that first guy mentions, please help. Also my shoe is untied.

Ah, sorry. First commenter was linking International Kennel Club "Nag", "Fetch" and "Fish" over at youtube and those clips are gone. But the ads are still in adland's archive. I'm not sure but I think "Nag" won a Clio. You're grown enough to tie your own shoe, son.

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