METHOD People Against Dirty - Shiny Suds - (2009) :70 (USA)

Shiny Suds are a not so subtle nod at the famous Scrubbing Bubbles (which I loved as a kid but never managed to convince my mother to buy as she used other cleaning products), used as perverted peeping spokesbubbles for People Against Dirty who want you to support the Household Product Labeling Acts. Not only is this ad entertaining as hell, it does bring home the idea that chemical residue hangs around in your shower that only looks clean, and you probably don't want that.

Everybody say Loofah, Loofah, Loofah!

Update Shiny suds ad pulled as it "triggers rape flashbacks"

Client: Client: Method Creative Chairman: David Droga Executive Creative Director:Ted Royer Copywriter: Tim Gordon Art Director: Amanda Clelland Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale Agency Producer: Cheri Anderson Production Company: Oil Factory Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds Editorial: Beast VFX Company: Buck Post: Absolute Post Music: Beacon Street Studios Sound: Sound Lounge
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Great stuff. I'm guessing this is just an online video, not a tv spot?

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You're correct - sorry I mislabeled it, fixed now into "viral / web only" topic.


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I don't care about residue, that was a disgrace. I much rather have my fixtures shintastically clean than whatever these communist People Against Dirty hollywood perverts are selling (any organization that begins with "people" or is labled a "democratic republic" is communist).