You know the Peperami mascot, he's not a cuddy toy, nope. He's too spicy for ya, a cannibal, and he won't share a bag with anyone! Also he's a fanimal and comes in BBQ flavour. "Animal" has been brought to life as an ad mascot again by Pierre and Bertrand of Not To Scale Amsterdam. Together with agency BSUR they developed a disruptive meaty snack spot, rebranding the original Peperami into a more modern, adventurous and tastier character. Peperami smashes its way through supermarket groceries with the help of his animal friends. Because you know, he's a bit of an animal (Jolly Jolly Jolly!). Sometimes he's even tender. This mascot stays young by exfoliating you know.

“Thanks to 3D techniques we were able to emphasize existing details and turn it into even more of an animal, exaggerating all the facial expressions, mouth, eyes, teeth and eyelids. We think we found the right balance between realistic meat and something which would fit our design,” says Pierre + Bertrand.

The additional characters will be seen in future TVCs, print campaigns and product packaging together, launched under brand name, BIFI in Germany and in the launch of Pork Juice, the next big thing in your juice bar. 100% Peperami, 100% juice, 100% spoof.

Client: Niko Stachos, Jack Links Creative Agency: BSUR Creative Team: Shandor Gancs, Ro Mulder, Simon Van Gorkum, Janna Stolp Production Company: Not To Scale Amsterdam Directors: Pierre + Bertrand Executive Producer: Maud Beckers Production Assistant: Michelle Hendrickx 3D Team: Maarten Heinstra, Rob Wuijster, Laurence Dodd, Andi Farhall, Arantxa Claudio Compositors: Jos Wabeke, Meip Wijn Art Director: Klaas-Harm de Boer Sound: Audentity