Pepsi / Apple iTunes - Bottle Songs - (2005) 0:45 (USA)


Pepsi / Apple iTunes - Bottle Songs - (2005) 0:45 (USA)

Second Quarter

Ad Agency: TBWA, Playa del Rey
Director: Baker Smith
Talent: Awkward date guy : Mark Saul



Anybody know who the actress is in the opening scene? (Kitchen fridge)

Her name is Michele and she is French Canadian.
Looks like you aren't the only one to be quite taken by her charm, see That Pepsi Girl blog. ;)

Actually, Michele isn't her real name. I know her sister.

Her name is Mandy Fujiko Amano and she is set to appear in the May issue of Maxim magazine (USA). Thanks for sharing what you knew spiral222.

This was just a great campaign, forget the commercials...

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