Pepsi & Apple iTunes - I Fought the Law - (2004) 0:45 (USA)


Pepsi & Apple iTunes - I Fought the Law - (2004) 0:45 (USA)

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Posted 2004-02-01 16:09:22 +0200 - date changed for ease of finding.




Call me an old Proctoid client-side SOB if you want, but I think this is a mighty fine piece of co-operative marketing. Free music with cola is a tired old trade promotion, but this copy plays the MP3 angle for all it's worth and lands bang in the middle of Pepsi's never-mind-the-flavor-it-shows-you're-a-youngster (sorry flava, youngsta) equity. Finds the emotion, manages to be engaging, and succeeds in making its low-cost spokespeople into relevant, credible brand heroes. That said, I think I'll pay for my iTunes and keep drinking DC.

strange that you can't buy that version of the song on itunes. not that i'd want to. i prefer the clash's version.

what is she mumbling?

downloading music for free off of the internet?

say that ten times fast!

ok. apple added it this morning. apple also added the spot to its site. i'm still not going to download it.

hah I thought the same thing...seems like she needed a bit more practice with a acting/diction coach or something.

I picked up a Pepsi the other day.... redeemed the song Superbowl Sunday monring... and bought that song.

Can't help but feel a bit wasteful

Nothing wrong with a girl with a southern accent.

"Some people have a Southern accent, and those are hot..."

Let's see if anyone gets that reference.

hehe, I don't mind her accent, I think the sentance is hard to say, s'all.

I don't know that I'd call a Jersey accent "southern".

(I'm not getting the reference.... What did I not win?)

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