Pepsi Does The Harlem Shake

Some 60+ ad agencies have done it, prompting clients everywhere to take a closer look at our billings, and now Pepsi is doing it too. Yes, it's just another day at the Pepsi office when things get a little out of hand and the cans Harlem Shake like nuts. I finally understand what "live for NOW" means. It means tag on to the tail-end of shark jumpage. This would only have been funny if someone had opened one of the cans at the end.
I'll have a Jolt Cola, please. Or a root beer but then A&W already did a Harlem Shake as well

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It is so important for companies to stay relevant and up to date on current trends. Having Pepsi cans participate in one of the fastest growing viral trends is a genius way to appear modern and cool compared to their biggest competitors the classical Coca-Cola company.