If you think it's only Coke that uses vending machines to achieve happiness and grant free soda, you have another think coming.

Be on the lookout for an interactive Pepsi vending machine, powered by Xbox Kinect. If you can juggle a football long enough, you'll get free Pepsi.
There's one of twenty vending machines appearing around the world, so your chances of finding one are about as good as your chances of winning free Pepsi.

Either way, seems like a lot of work. But anything to hype the World Cup, I guess.

Client: Pepsi Agency: Rooster Director: Rob Gilbert Executive Producer: Sebastian Eldridge Executive Producer: Saxon Eldridge Producer: Kaitlin Del Campo Art Director: Justin Steinberg Copywriter: Alex Schwartz Editor: Dave Rothstadt Motion Graphics/Animation: Blase Theodore Post-Production Manager: Kevin Rose

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