Russell Crowe may have been a bad-ass gladiator, but he's just not ready for this jelly.

Superadgrunts, check out this new Pepsi commercial/mini-movie from the UK. Britney, Pink, Beyonce and Enrique rocks the coliseum.

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  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    Nicely shot. Kinda weird though, especially the end. Tie in to the Olympics I guess.

    Feb 01, 2004
  • KevinAshton's picture

    The Proctoid view (and as so many Pepsi Brandies are P&G washouts, I feel qualified):

    First, Beyoncé looks HOT! and therefore this is engaging.

    Second, third and everything else: what's the strategy? Make teenies like Pepsi because Britney drinks it? Make old farts like it because they remember Queen and - there!, there! freeze frame it now! - Brian May and That Other Bloke have a cameo? Provide free soft JO material in the hope it makes adolescent boys and bachelors thirsty? All of the above? Sadly, no: the agency's strategy was spend as much on production as possible (and get something cute on the showreel), and the (probably ex-P&G) Pepsi Marketing Director wanted to meet Brit, Beyonz, or - heaven forfend - PinkyPunky. The US's free iTunes offer is a reason to choose the brand, albeit temporarily. But this is an engaging waste of money.

    PS: On the subject of engagingness, I grabbed some Beyoncé-as-gladiator stills if anybody wants them...

    Feb 01, 2004
  • junyr's picture

    Okay. I like Pink. But what I found odd is the ties this ad was making to the movie Gladiator and why Enrique would play the bad son. It wouldn't be so bad if Enrique didn't have a famous father...Get my point?

    Feb 02, 2004
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Nicely shot, indeed. but who was this ad's target? More like who wasn't this ad's target. It was definitely fun to watch, but they combined so many elements in an attemp to address multiple targets, I'm hard pressed to tell you what the message was, other than sex sells. I know if I'm sweaty, scantily attired and in a colliseum, Pepsi's the brand for me.

    Feb 03, 2004
  • Dabitch's picture

    Remember when "we will rock you" actually meant that, and not "pop-tarts who can't sing will flaunt their bellies atcha"?

    Also, since Britney is such a brand in herself, I find it rather conflicting to use her in any ads, as her 'brand' overshadows any message, all they end up doing is selling her, again.

    Feb 04, 2004

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