Pepsi - Unbelievable Bus Shelter #LiveForNow - (2014) 1:35 (UK)


Pepsi - Unbelievable Bus Shelter #LiveForNow - (2014) 1:35 (UK)

Pepsi MAX in the UK are blowing new life into the "Live for NOW" line, by scaring the bejesus out of random commuters with a interactive bus shelter. Viewed through the "window" of the bus shelter, people could see meteors striking earth, UFO's invading the high street, sudden tentacle abduction and a tiger stalking the pedestrians. That humdrum old commute is suddenly a life-or-death situation, a jolt of energy, a sugar high. CHEERS to that, you brown carbonated sugar-pop. I shall remember to #LiveForNow and maybe eat & drink less crap in case I have to outrun some random high street tentacles. It can totally happen you gais.

Client: Pepsi MAX


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