Cool stop motion film made from food stains. Hence the "art" part of the stain removal. Every stain has a story and this story took 2,576 washes, with 28 stains on 340 school shirts. I love the credits at the end, listing all of the stains who starred here.

Brand: Persil/Unilever Agency: Ogilvy Animation Studio: Aardman Production Agency: Kode Audio Production Agency: Jungle Media Agency: Mindshare Exposure: Cinema and online (website, social, eCommerce) Unilever Brand Equity Director: James Hayhurst Senior Brand Manager: Sarah Laker Assistant Brand Manager: Nick Frentz Executive Creative Director: Andre Laurentino Creative Directors: Johnny Watters & Angus George Account Director: Kush Thakrar Head of Production: Mike Kerry Head of Design: Dave Towers Head of Entertainment: Cody Hogarth Aardman Creative Director: Merlin Crossingham Senior Producer: Stephanie Owen Kode Director: David Barr Head of Commercial Jack Goodwin