PETA loves exploiting your emotions. Nothing new there. However, what is new is this take on animal cruelty, aimed at the TV and film industry.

The spot is voiced by Adrien Brody. And it boils down to this: basically, if the television, film and advertising industries all just used CGI animals like the ape in this commercial, than no apes would be harmed.

Except of course, CGI ones. Apparently, PETA has no trouble suggesting real apes in captivity have it so bad, if given the choice, they'd blow their brains out with a hand gun. And they're sick, SICK enough to inflict this type of cruelty on CGI apes.

By the way, I had no idea hand guns were considered some of the primitive tools apes are able to use. Maybe CGI apes are more evolved than real ones?

Agency: BBDO Client: PETA Production: The Mill VO: Adrien Brody

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