Hand a terrible tarnished brand like PETA over to UK ad legend who filmed that famous British Airways ad with the giant ear in Utah and you get... Surprise! Not sexist crapola and cheap-o stunt, but something that actually can change consumer behavior. Shocker.

Instead of depicting animals skinned alive, they Ogilvy wanted to explain "fur hurts" n much more tactile way. In a way that would initially drwa the consumers in to the beauty.

They created 3D portraits of fur-less animals, and artists then set thousands of needles in the skin which from a distance looked like fur, but up close was sharp and uninviting to the touch. The art works were celebrated by the Chinese art community, garnering praises from Ai Wei Wei and other famous Chinese artists. On social platforms like Weibo and RenRen, the sculptures have sparked a debate and fueled a growing outrage against the fur industry. Signing up online to promise to not wear fur exchanged one needle for one strand of fur. The virtual animals on the web needed thousands of people pledging to not wear fur before they got theirs back.

Brand: PETA Agency: Ogilvy, Beijing, China Chief Creative Officer: Graham Fink Executive Creative Director: Wilson Chow & Juggi Ramakrishnan Creative Director: Paul Bo, Awing Chen, Ming Law, Xingsheng Qi Art Director: Ashley Chen, Morris Ku, Hang Qi, Peggy Wang Photography: Zhong Shi

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