Joaquin Phoenix is in the latest PETA ad and he gets to keep his shirt on, despite being submerged in a pool. In water, humans drown... explains the VO, as if we didn't know that lack of oxygen reaching the lungs, or in a fish's case their gills, will suffocate us. Then PETA wants us to take the pledge at joaquindrowns. What pledge? Supporting veganism, so don't eat fish. At least they're not turning people into the kind of vegan who eats fish, shellfish.... sometimes chicken, non vegan gummy bears, and the occasional piece of bacon but never red meat. I can't stand that kind of vegan. Oh, and this being PETA they're claiming the ad was rejected by ABC. Because it isn't a PETA ad if it doesn't offend and/or get rejected by someone.

Director: Michael Muller

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