PETA - Monkey / Chimp / Ape autocorrect - (2011) (USA)


PETA - Monkey / Chimp / Ape autocorrect - (2011) (USA)

Hold up hold up, hold up! PETA has made an ad-guerilla-stunt idea and... It contains no nude women... no references to the holocaust, no comparisions between serial killers and chicken slaughter... Is this really PETA? The idea is simple, to get ad agency people to stop using chimps (ie: apes) in their TV-commercials, they made auto-correct remind them about how these trained animals grow up in a short paragraph that appeared every time the words monkey, ape or chimp was typed into Word. Get them at script-level! Stop those ads from ever being written! This is clever. This is good.

This is hella annoying (for the Word user) in the end, so yes, it's still very PETA. A round of applause people. *golfclap*

See also the No Monkey Business great ape pledge campaign site.

Agency: BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya
Art Directors: Daniel Aykurt/Tim Wettstein
Copywriters: Alessandro Fruscella/Patrick Herold
Interactive Designer: Quoc-Chau Doan
Web Producer: Quoc-Chau Doan



So PETA has hacked agency computers? Curious how they got it installed.

My guess; the creative team who came up with this stayed late one evening and did it to all workstations in the office that weren't password protected.

I could be wrong.

Remotely on thousand of computers at once through the main BBDO IT department.

Of course. I didn't think of that.

And since they show how to do it, now i can do it too and join the Great Ape Pledge.

This really should be expanded to add "it's been done to death" as autocorrect on any crotch-kicks, doofus dads, women eating yogurt, violent pain and the other 'failsafe funnies' listed in the Adland Tutorial.

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