Sorry, I guess I should have written *spoiler alert* before the headline. But there's really not much else I can add to this trash du jour from our animal-lovin' meat-hatin' culturally elitist green munchers known as PETA.

Good old PETA.

They remind me of second quarter ad students. You know, the ones who spent three hours reading a wiki page to discover some 'nugget,' about meat eating that may or may not be true, and then, spent three minutes coming up with one concept to present to their teams class. And even though no one likes it, and class and teacher alike helpfully give their constructive feedback, the student digs in their heels and says 'nope, i'm not changing it. it's perfect.'
We all know what happens to those second quarter portfolio students who don't listen to their peers or creative director teachers, don't we.

That's right kids. They end up working for PETA. And thus the putrid circle is complete.

Client: PETA

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