Petronas / 50th Merdeka Celebrations - Tan Hong Ming is in love - (2008) : 30 (Malaysia)


Tan Hong Ming is in love. He's also very cute. Tan Hong Ming, is Malaysian Chinese while the girl he loves is Malaysian Malay. Why does Tan like her? "She wears earrings, has her hair in a ponytail..." I think he just blushed, people.

agency: Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur Gold Clio 2008 Yasmin Ahmad, Executive Creative Director Tan Yew Leong, Art Director Yasmin Ahmad, Copywriter Yasmin Ahmad, Art Director Sheikh Munasar, Agency Producer Director : Yasmin Ahmad Prod. Co. : MHZ Films
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His reaction is awesome. Open that mouth any wider and your head will fall off boy.

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Where do you think he's dragging her off to? "you like me too? C'mon, lets go on a romantic dinner."

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Sorry , I don't quite understand the color blind part!

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You're probably just as color blind as the kid which is a good thing!

Malaysia has a pretty mixed population, though it's not the "black and white" human mix you'd see in, say, the United States.
Malays (58% with other “indigenous” groups), Chinese (24%), and Indians (7%), and Others (11%). Tan Hong Ming looks like he might be Chinese and Omi Kasweena (not sure about the spelling) who's "so pretty because she wears earrings" looks Malay as far as I can tell on this small screen. That's the color part. Any wild guess errors will be blamed on the fact that I'm Scandinavian and can only see the difference between Finns and Danes. ;P

tl;dr; "Prejudice isn't always black and white."