These ladies are competing in "who has more teeth than Julia Roberts". The brunette on the left won.

Client: PG&E
First Air Date: April 19th, 2007

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
CD: Erich Pfeifer
Director of Interactive: Tom Walker
Producer: Jennifer Peerless

Prod Company: Mekansim
CD(s): Mekanism
Director: Ian Kovalik and Lee Einhorn
AD(s): Emmett Feldman, Richard Krowlewicz, Troy Cooper
Copywriter(s): MEGAROCK, Lee Einhorn, Ian Kovalik, Cate McManus
Cinematographer: Norman Bonney
Site Editor: Samantha Moss
EP: Lindsay Fa, Pete Caban, Jason Harris
Producer: Lauren Becker

Editorial: Mekanism
Editor: Liz Canning

Programmer/Web Developer: Tree-Axis

Post/Effects: Mekanism
Animator(s): Emmett Feldman, Richard Krowlewicz, Bill Hunt, Tony Benna

Sound Design: Mekanism
Sound Designer: Jeremiah Moore

Shoot Location: San Francisco

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