Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty has lent his celebrity status to a Ted Cruz ad. I find political ads fascinating, from one of the first negative ads Peace / Daisy Girl for President Johnson, to surreal dystopian futures as imagined for the Social Democrats in Sweden 1985. (That director later went on to direct Songs from the second floor)

This ad is a straight forward celebrity endorsement, albeit with a reality show duck-hunting celeb, not a Hollywood starlet or world famous musician posing in a choddy. Phil Robertson lists all the qualifications that he thinks the future President should have. "Is he or she godly?" "Can he or she do the job?" and finally "Would they kill a duck and put them in a pot and make them a good duck gumbo?" Turns out that Ted Cruz hunts, so he fullfills the qualification list. Good to know, I guess.
P.S. Several ducks were harmed in the filming of this commercial.


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