The trailer for the latest Parallel Lines film, The Foundling, directed by Ridley Scott Associates’ Barney Cokeliss.

Shot in 3D, the final film will be released on 21st September with exclusive premiere screenings in selected Philips retailers. You’ll also be able to view a 2D version on-line. Featuring an emotive, fast paced story line, the film showcases the very latest 3D effects and technology.

The final film will be premiered in selected Philips retailers from 21st September. A 2D version will also be presented on . Exclusive footage of how the film was made, including interviews with the director and crew, will be released on Philips Cinema’s Facebook page

‘The Founding’ 3D film, set within a traditional touring circus, continues the ‘Parallel Lines’ campaign and will promote Philips’ cinematic range of 3D LED TVs, including the world’s first Full HD 3D cinema proportion LED TV, Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series, which launches today at the IFA exhibition.

Philips’ creative agency DDB UK is collaborating with award-winning Vision3@ Compendium to manage the creative and technical aspects of the shoot and post-production. The ‘Parallel Lines’ campaign won the 2010 inaugural Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Film Craft.

When it launched in April - see Philips ups the ante after Carousel using only five lines - the ‘Parallel Lines’ campaign, challenged RSA directors to respond to a single dialogue to demonstrate that whatever content is watched, only Philips TVs’ Ambilight technology, award-winning picture quality and superior sound, can recreate the best cinematic viewing experience at home. Since April, the 5 ‘Parallel Lines’ films have been watched over 5 million times through For this sixth film, RSA’s Barney Cokeliss was challenged to submit a treatment for a short 3D film based upon the same single dialogue.

Directed by: Barney Cokeliss

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