Enter the (relatively) new guy on the block, the Pirate Party, which formed in 2006 and hopes to break the 4% barrier which will get them a seat in parliament. Their election ad is low-budget, not aired on TV Channel 4 where most of the other parties ads will air, and is all about privacy. A woman goes about her regular day, as CCTV cameras, and card machines follow her around. The only part of her day we don't get to spy on, is her visit to the toilet. The tag: "Even if you have nothing to hide, you still have the right to your privacy."

Pirate party

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  • omerosen's picture

    Amazing how these 2 clowns that playing in running a party doing all the possible mistakes. They should thank god or Linux or whatever they believe in if they will pass 0.4 barrier. Wasting votes for wannabe politicians.
    Sorry for draging Adland into political debate, I just had a lousey week and I need a place where I am not limited to 140 chars.

    Sep 08, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    I take it you thought the film was a bit of a waste? There's another one soon to be posted, which IMHO is the real stinker. Oh, and soon the "trains" for the redgreen-group vs the alliance. I don't understand what the point of that one is at all, but youknow, cute trains.

    Sep 09, 2010

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