For its P-Zero tires, Pirelli wants us to follow our own roads. Whether that means actually reading a real book, not wearing a man bun (please, God) eating a sammy at a food stall dressed in your high fashion wear, not having a tattoo or more-- be yourself, follow your own road, etc. The only scene that doesn't work for me is the proverbial "imaginative kid" who wants to fly-- it seems like a mismatch in a spot that is basically telling you not to follow trends. Still, it's well shot and fun.

Agency: Creative Director: Sara Portello Copywriter: Giulio Brienza Art Director: Letizia Ziaco, Fabrizio Fiucci Executive Creative Director: Federico Pepe e Stefania Siani Producer: Melina Mignani Head of Production: Alessandro Pancotti Production: Producer: Silvia Bergamaschi Executive Producer: Karim Bartoletti Director: Igor Borghi DOP: Silvia Bergamaschi Editorial: Editor: Massimo Magnetti Post Production/VFX: Grade: Band 22 Head of Production: Alga Pastorelli

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