Pizza Hut - Cheesy bites part two - (2007) :30 (USA)


Pizza Hut - Cheesy bites part two - (2007) :30 (USA)


Agency: BBDO NY



I don't get why they made Jessica Simpson up to look like Anna Nicole.

I don't get why they bothered having her in it.

When you have Jessica Simpson in a spot, why would you have her be anything other than Jessica Simpson. She's supposed to be Anna Nicole Smith  but  I think being Jessica Simpson would be just fine.

I don't think they wanted to make her be Anna Nicole. I think it's just a sad coincidence that she looks like her, when she wears bright red lipstick and a strapless dress. I didn't notice her slurring her words like Anna Nicole, either.

Besides, her tits are too small to compare to Anna Nicole's (hers: 36DD , Anna Nicole's: 39D ) and she's much shorter (5'3.5" vs. Anna Nicole's 5'10" ).

I liked the one she did for their Buffalo Wings - where she saw buffalos* with wings, and she goes up to some at the end of the Ad and makes motions like she's flapping her wings.


* ==> Bison - no connection to Buffalo Wings.
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