Planter's Peanuts - Instinct - Teaser (2008) 0:18 (USA)


Planter's Peanuts - Instinct - Teaser (2008) 0:18 (USA)


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Planter's Peanuts



Please tell me that the end joke is not what I think it is.

Oh it probably is, her attractiveness clearly has something to do with peanuts. I have no idea how they'll make that funny. Must admit, I'm curious (because I doubt it will be).

I have to admit I can't wait to see this one. I'm sure it's not anything that I'm guessing.

This better be good.

No. It wasn't. It was exactly the "twist" that I anticipated. SHE USES IT AS PERFUME. And Soylent green is people. Could they be more obvious?

And what do you know? Cashew oil is the secret!

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