So check it. Y'all have problems gettin' your kid to engage in the dental hygiene? Maybe y'all need to check this out. It's a video made for kids encouraging them to brush their teeth.

This "viral" from the Oregon Dental Association has appeared on Good Morning America, and has almost 600,000 views at press time.

The Oregon Dental Association either channels its late-to-the-party movement, or has piggy backed on some Yo Gabba Gabba territory. But hey. If it gets some kids to brush their teeth, who cares? They're at least promoting good hygiene.

Okay it's totally late to the party.

But at least they tapped into the human truth that kids like to sing and dance. So score one for you, Oregon. Hope to see less plaque in your general vicinity soon.

Created by: Grady Britton ( client: Oregon Dental Association

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