Playstation 2 / PS2 - Signs, aka Red Balloon (2002) - 0:60 (USA)

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Oh God. I got shivers. Granted I'm a gamer, but still.


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Also, I'm listing all the "foreboding elements." Don't read until you've watched, and then double check me.

a) mad dog
b) construction signs
c)chalk on wall (says this) and moving truck (says way)= this way
d) girl in balloon sing london bridges
e) eerie manaquins (sp?) pointing
f) chalk drawing of girl with balloon
g) coming soon sign in background
h) chalk drawing of something looming (no spoilers)
i) crazy guy saying "can't you see its coming"
j) ticker sign saying "rates drop"
k) tv says go
l) sign on window says "hurry!"
m) don't walk changes to walk
n) policeman blocks traffic
j2) ticker top
o) newspaper headline that says "future uncertain"
p) one way sign without "one way" on it
q) watch for children sign
r) woman screaming sign

I think that is all of it.

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It's brilliant. I'm a gamer with goosebumps. Spot on for the target market in other words.

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I still love this ad.