Playstation isn't just about sitting down and playing video games. They are involved with play of all kinds. In fact, they just signed a 3-year partnership with the prestigious French sports institute: INSEP.
The #GameIsNeverOver concept was born by watching athletes from all ages and all kind of disciplines repeating the same actions all over again, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Kind of like when you are playing Destiny and you are grinding for hours to get an exotic weapon only to give up because it never drops. No wonder people stopped playing. But I digress.
I like the idea of these athletes saying "I am a gif." They repeat and repeat until they become machines. Very nice.

In addition to weightlifter Romain Imadouchene, ten other athletes will be the the subjects of a customized photo campaign. Photographer David Marvier will capture their emotions for two months by following them in training sessions and competitions. The aim is to give these athletes the opportunity to express their determination to win towards their fans, no matter what the result of the competition is or if the training went well or not.

That's going to make for some visceral print.

Client: PlayStation Clients : Nathalie Dacquin, Sébastien Chéramy Agency : Berengère Mangin, Arnaud Edelhoff, Cyrian Thomas Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie Copywriter : Josselin Pacreau Art Director : Sébastien Guinet Head of TV : Maxime Boiron TV Producer : Amer Zoghbi Production: \ELSE Directors : HUNGRY BEARDS Photography: Martial Schmeltz Producer: Jennifer Bauche Post-Producer/coordinator: Mélanie Bernard Post Production: \ELSE Sound Head Of Sound department: Olivier Lefebvre Production: \ELSE Music & Sound producer: Fabrice Pouvreau Sound Design / Compo: Max Labarthe DA musique: Philippe Mineur & Ferdinand Huet Print Art buyer Barbara Chevalier Photographe: David Marvier